Quality Leather is “Full Grain”

Full-grain leather is the best quality you can buy. It is pure leather without alterations or corrections to its natural pattern. Hides chosen for full-grain leather are superior quality and selected to ensure the finished product has no imperfections. To produce full-grain leather they only remove the hair. Markings and texture are original and never altered. Full-grain leather is soft and supple, and carries the unique characteristics of the animal itself.

The difference between full-grain leather and other forms is that the full-grain is top quality. The markings and texture of the hide is what will be seen in the end product. For this reason, no alterations are made to the full-grain leather.

Other leather is often referred to as “top-grain”, which should not be confused with “full-grain” as they are completely different. Top-grain leather is not genuine leather, meaning that the true grain has been sanded and imitation grain added into the “leather”. When full-grain leather is processed further, it becomes what is known as “nap” or “nabuck.” With no protective coat added, wear and tear can happen quickly.

Leather Protection

Regarding repellant, the decision is somewhat divided. Some professionals feel that full-grain leather should be kept in its natural state while others feel the right type of repellant can further enhance the sheen and help the leather last even longer. If you have full-grain leather, an occasional treatment for soil-resistance and water repellant can keep your leather beautiful.

If you are unsure of what to use on your particular piece of leather, check with the manufacturer for their recommendations

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