Tack & Saddle

Leather tack and saddle have long histories. Take the saddle for instance. The first saddle was created more than 4,000 years ago. Back then it was made from a small piece of animal hide and cloth. Over time, the saddle evolved but it took a long time. For instance, the Greeks did not start to use saddles until the very end of the empire.

Because of the design, riders started changing the way leather saddles were crafted for more comfort. In the Middle East around 700 BC, Assyrian warriors began using saddles that were very decorative for their campaigns. In fact, in the 5th Century a Scythian tomb was opened to reveal an amazing leather saddle that was embellished with animal motifs, gold, hair, and felt.

Today the most popular saddles are Western and English, both which are padded to provide the rider with the ultimate comfort. The saddles listed below are just a few examples of the type of saddles you will find on the market today.


Team S – All Purpose English Saddle – This saddle is made with Drum Dyed and features a nice, deep seat with round cantle.

All-purpose English Saddle – Smooth leg rolls, medium size tree, and excellent for a variety of horses. This saddle is the perfect choice for beginners.

Fly Whisk – This whisk is made from quality, top grain leather and genuine horsehair. The design has a ash dowel with rich, walnut stain and a chrome cap.


Halter/Bridal Combo – Made from top quality leather, this English bridle is cut 3/4-inch thick and then double stitched. When not using it as a bridle, it converts easily to a halter. Other features include rustproof hardware and 5/8-inch split reins.

Triangle Border Wade – Includes among other things, stirrup leather with leather covered Blevins buckles, and hand-laced, natural rawhide covered stirrups, and 3 1/4-inch horn with rawhide tip.


Close Contact English Saddle – Made from premium Havana leather, comfortable seat, regular or wide width seat, and selfpadded flaps to conceal knee rolls.

Lone Start Legend Collection – This collection includes amazing leather tack and saddles. For example, you can purchase a leather harness in your choice of light or dark, embellished with nickel plated hardware. Other items include breast collars, spur straps, reins, and so on.

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