Leather Hide and Leather Skin

When you look for leather types, you will hear two main terms, “Leather Hide” and “Leather Skin”. The difference is that hide comes from large animals and skin comes from small animals, generally weighing 15 pounds or less. Listed below are the various leather types you can buy.

Types Of Animals Leather Comes From

* Buckskin – This leather type is from deer and elk. The leather is soft, pliable, and naturally resistant to water. Although this type of leather is known to have blemishes, it is ideal for outdoor wear such as gloves and moccasins.

* Buffalo – You’ll find this leather type to be soft yet heavy. It is stronger than cowhide and features a nice grain pattern. Much of the newer motorcycle apparel is now being made from water buffalo as it is less expensive than cowhide.

* Calfskin – This leather type comes from young cattle and is smooth and lightweight. The grain is fine, it wears a long time, and is available in a number of colors. Calfskin has a natural luster, making it perfect for jackets, pants, vests, and so on.

* Cowhide – This also comes from cattle but is heavier and the most commonly used. Cowhide is very durable and strong. Additionally, many people like this leather since it can breathe, making it ideal for shoes, purses, and other accessories.

* Goatskin – Many leather shoes and boots have goatskin for the uppers and linings. You will also find goatskin used for wallets, belts, and bookbindings. This leather type is available in numerous colors and is a nice leather.

* Kangaroo – Yes, there is a Kangaroo leather that is softer than cowhide and one of the strongest lightweight leathers available. The texture is fine, making this a prestigious option, used often in the fashion industry. In fact, international soccer players typically wear soccer boots made from Kangaroo leather.

* Lambskin – This leather type naturally comes in a number of finishes since the skins from different origins look different. Very lightweight with a nice, tight grain makes this a favorite of many people.

* Ostrich – This leather type is the most commonly used of all bird skins. You can tell ostrich leather easily by the unique bumps on the skin. When buying genuine ostrich, expect to pay a hefty price.

* Pigskin – This type of leather is very inexpensive yet tougher than cowhide. The dotted markings make the leather unique and is primarily used for purses, luggage, gloves, and other small personal items.

* Reptile – This includes leather that comes from snakes, alligators, crocodiles, and turtles. This leather type has the scales, which gives its look and texture its characteristics. Depending on where you live, you will find that some reptile leathers are protected by law as endangered species.

* Sharkskin – This leather type is made from a specific species of shark and primarily used for making belts, luggage, shoes, and fine leather goods. In most cases, you’ll have a choice of brown and white or black and white and will find many of the pieces with small scales.

* Sheepskin – This leather type is from an older lamb and heavier than lambskin although it is still soft and supple. The only drawback is that while beautiful, it does not hold up as well as cowhide and therefore used only for items not used every day.

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